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About Deliverys

  • When will I receive my order?
    In case you didn’t designate date and time, we ship your order within 3 days.
    ※Preorder items will ship after items arrived at warehouse. The arrival-schedule will be announced in advance.
    ※Plaese note that delivery may delay depends on trafic and climate condition.
    ※ We cannot keep your package during delivry period.

    Your tracking information, you can check through email or your account.
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    If you have any questions on your parcel, please contact the delivery service center through Yamato Track Shipment Service or call at the number below with your tracking number.
    Click here to contact the delivery service center >>

    [Yamato Transport Co., Ltd Service Center]
    Phone:0120-01-9625 | Business Hours 9:00~21:00

    If item arrival delay or can't deliver for some reason, we may cancel your order with announcement. RUNWAY channel customer support will contact you.
  • Can I designate delivery date and time?
    Yes! You can specify delivery date and time of your order except purchasing preorder or particular items.
    When you click proceed order button, order confirmation page will appear. You can choose delivery date and time.
    3.2:00 PM~4:00 PM
    4.4:00 PM~6:00 PM
    5.6:00 PM~8:00 PM
    6.7:00 PM~9:00 PM

    ※If you don't specify a date and time, we deliver your order at the earliest possible date.
    ※In case you specify a date and time, we ship your order from our warehouse in the regular process and the package can be held for no more than 7 days from shipping date at your nearest service office of Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.

    Trafic and climate condition may cause delay.
    When shipping volume is extreamly increased, we may temporarily stop service for specifying date and time.
  • How much are a delivery fee and transaction fees?
    [Delivery fee]
    We charge a flat rate of 210 yen for delivery fee for each order. 

    [Transaction fee]
    If you use cash on delivery or Kuroneko pay after delivery service, they will require 330 yen for transaction fee.
  • Other FAQ
    I couldn’t receive my parcel. Can you redeliver it?
    We cannot redeliver your order.

    Your parcel will be held at your nearest service office of Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. for 7 days. If you're not in where your order arrives, you will receive notification from the shipping compay. Please contact them and adjust delivery day and time within 7 days.

    Your parcel will be sent back to us in following condition:
    ・It has passed 7 days from the storage period.
    ・Your address is incorrect.
    ・You don't contact to the phone number on your notification.
    ※Even though you pay your order via a credit Card, mobail payments, Rakuten Pay, or Recruit Kantan Payment, your parcel is sent back to us after it has passed the storage period.
    ※If you refuse to receive your parcel or absent for a long time, please note that we may cancel your order.
  • How to deliver the items to aboard?
    How to deliver the items to aboard?
    We recommend TENSO.com for international delivery.