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About Items

  • Can you tell me if you're getting an item back in stock?
    You can request a notification email when an item is due back in stock. I will automatically email to you from us.

    [How to request the notification]
    1) Visit your desired item page and click a「再入荷のお知らせ」(request notification) button that appears while the item is out of stock.
    2) Select a size and color you want
    3) Type your email address
    4) Check a confirmation email we sent back to you after regeration.

    ※If you are not receiveing the email, your email software may be making our emails as junk mail. Please add @runway-webstore.com to your email address book.
    ※Some items may not be back in stock.
    ※Popular items may sell out immediately
    ※The notification will send automatically when stock reaches specific number.
    ※We may not be able to send the notification if stock number will vary by items kept in cart.
    ※We may not be able to provide restocked item to everyone who requested notification depend on the number of items.
  • Can I unsubscribe restock notificaiton?
    You can unsubscribe the notification from the link on the confirmation email.
  • I cannot find a novelty in my cart? What can I do to gain a novelty?
    If you cannot find a novelty displayed, please check novelty schedule and requirements. When you fulfill requeirements, It will show in your cart. Please select novelty that you want and click a「カートに入れる」(add to cart) button.

    ※As soon as novelties have run out, we close the campaign.
    ※If you add items eligible for novelty campaign in your cart before it starts, you may not be able to receive novelty, please make sure that novelty displayed on your cart.
    ※The purchase before the campaign starts will not be counted.
    ※Novelties may be provided in different color or design without notice.
  • What is set items?
    We offer special discount for purchasing multiple items eligible for multiple buying promotion.

    ※Please check campaign information announced by our brands.
    ※After you add these items in your cart, discount price will show in your cart.