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About Payments

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    Can I get reciept?
    We only issue an invoice. We can't issue an reciept individually.

    ■Cash on delivery
    If you use cash on delivery, a tracking labal substitutes for an reciept.

    ■Credit card (Rakuten Pay)
    A bill credit card company issues will be substitutes for an reciept.

    ■Mobile carrier payment
    A bill Mobile carrier company issues will be substitutes for an reciept.

    ■Convenience Store Payment (Postpay)
    A bill Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. issues will be substitutes for an reciept.
    Can I change payment option after I have placed my order?
    You cannot change your order details including items , payment method, point use, and shipment after your complete your order.
    If you need to change your order details, you can cancel your order from your purchase history within the order day. Please repurchase items after cancellation.
    ※You can't redo your cancellation.
    What can I do when my credit card result in error?
    We cannot check your credit card information.
    Please confirm below:

    ・Your security Code is correct
    ・Your credit card number is correct
    ・Your expired date on credit card is correct
    ・You haven't maxed out your spending limit
    ・Your credit card is not expired

    If your credit card still won't go through, please contact your credit card company. Alternatively, you try other credit card or change payment method.
    I used Kuroneko pay after delivery service, and I could not find an invoice. Can you issue and send an invoice again?
    We don’t enclose invoice in parcel. After you receive your order, Yamato Credit & Finance Co.,Ltd. will send you invoice.
    ※They will send a bill to your billing address not delivery address.

    If you don't receive a bill in 7 days after your parcel arrived or any other question about Kuroneko pay after delivery service, please contact them below:

    [Kuroneko pay after delivery service center]
    click here to email inquiry
    ・call below number
    0120-983-383 business hours 9:00~18:00(weekdays only)