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About Reward Points

  • What is reward points given for RUNWAY channel member purchasing at our online store?
    When you shop on RUNWAY channel or in real stores located all over japan, you earn 1 point for every ¥100, tax included. When you buy multiple items, the amount is calculated based on the total cost of the items including tax. Points are rounded off for amounts less than ¥100.

    When you go shopping, you can use points at a rate of 1 pt = ¥1. At the credit card screen when ordering, please enter the amount of points you want to use in the field marked "Please select the amount of points to use." The amount of points you can use will be displayed over the blank field and also in the header when you log in.
    ・You can spend points in 1 pt increments.
    ・Points cannot be converted into cash.
    ・Points cannot be transferred to a third party.
    ・For individuals with multiple member IDs, points possessed separately cannot be pooled.
    ・These points are valid for a period of one year after the last time you acquired points or used points.
    ・Tentative points will not extend expiration date.
    ・Points that have passed their expiration date are invalid.
    ・When you cancel membership with the RUNWAY channel, all of your points become invalid.
    ・You will also be unable to use your registered store card. Please be aware that you cannot re-register.

    Please click the link below to login if you want to use your reward points at real stores.
    Click here to visit MS PASSPORT page >>
  • Other FAQ
    What is tentative points
    When you purchase at RUNWAY channel, we give tentitive points dependign on your buying price.
    Tentitive point will be available when your order is shipped from our warehouse